So how much will it cost?

Good question!  Simple answer: not as much as you might think, but this depends entirely on what you functionality you need from your website.  The overall cost can be broken down into four main areas, each of which is explained further below.  As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

The Template

The look and feel of your website

The starting point of the sites I build is an out-of-the-box template, designed by professional companies.  The template determines the look and feel of the website and all of the websites you can visit on my portfolio page have been created in this way.

I subscribe to three template clubs, namely YOOtheme, JoomlaShine and Joomla Shack.  Any of the templates on these sites can be used in your project but if they aren't what you are looking for, then there are other options.  Some of these are template clubs (you have to join the club to be able to access any of them) and some of them can be bought individually (usually no more than £40).


Bespoke work

Some of these templates have built-in colour alternatives, but some do not. If you like the template, but want it in a different colour, this can be done but will normally cost between £150 - £250.

If none of the templates fit your requirements or you simply prefer a bespoke design, I can recommend companies to undertake a graphic design for you. Please be warned though, this is rarely cheap and you will almost certainly be looking upwards of £1000!